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Welcome to Roku, it’s a pliable device which gets connected with other platforms to provide you the facility to stream movies, series, news and many more genres from the internet. You may also watch live cable with the help of some subscriptions. Cord-cutters can disconnect their cable and populate to Roku to view the contents of your choice. Just like you watch on the cable, but here you will get much cheaper.

            Roku Customer Support

If you are facing any issue to connect with Roku, just contact our customer service to guide you about installation, activation error, payment, updating plans, buying new connection.


Enjoy Ruko’s Streaming with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Sling and more

                How to Create Roku Account

  • Click on the link
  • Click on to create account
  • Fill the form by writing your name, last name, email, verify email, password, verify password
  • After confirming to the agreement click on CONTINUE to complete account creation.


                How to Set Up Device

Roku’s hardware arrangement process accompanies some basic steps. The set-top box sits outside your amusement place and associates with the TV through the HDMI. A few gadgets like the Roku Express Plus help composite networks too. In the event that you are utilizing a Roku Streaming Stick, at that point plug it legitimately into the TV’s HDMI port. The reality remains that Roku’s set-top boxes are amazingly incredible and some of them accompany signal supporters too. 
When you have connected the device, power it up and follow rules as they show up on the screen 
Adjust and pair the remote by embeddings the going with batteries 
At that point associate the device to the system

Wired and Wireless Setup

  • Roku link Activation Process (WIRED AND WIRELESS CONNECTIONS)
  • Scroll down to the SETTINGS menu from the Roku’s MAIN PAGE and here choose the first option, which is NETWORK
  • Here there are two options you can choose, either the WIRED or the WIRELESS


  • In the WIRED process, an ETHERNET cable is used to connect the Roku directly to the router.
  • Some would say this is a reliable way to get the device to internet.


  • For the WIRELESS process, all configuration and setup to the Wi-Fi is performed through a wireless signal
  • Barring this difference the rest of the process remains the same

How to find Roku link code from TV?

The Roku Link Code on the TV is shown simply after all the steps of hardware, software and remote/wired arrangement have been finished. The hardware arrangement requires blending the remote alongside the player and afterward finishing all the important inquiries or prompts that show up on the screen. 
From that point, the product refreshes are consequently performed by the gadget once the system is set up. One of the means expects clients to make a record. For the individuals who have just made the record, simply need to login and enter the www roku com interface enter code data that shows up on the screen.

Roku Error Code: Errors Encountered during setting up Roku device while connecting to Wi Fi device

When user try to connect roku streaming device to wireless internet connections, user may get some roku error codes like: 014.20,012,014, 013,016, 017, 018, 014.20, 009 ,014.30, 014.40, 014.41 or 014.50.

In order To setup roku device, user should be aware of the roku code error and User should know what the exact issue with userr connection. Some of the roku code errors are mentioned above.

Roku device Error Code 009:

Its Due to slow internet connections.

Roku Device Error Code 012:

User usually receive this error if user have Ethernet connections. So, try changing Ethernet cable with a new one.

Roku Device Error Code 013:

Check userr modem /router , It should be working properly in order to solve this error.

Roku Device Error Code 014:

Its due to incorrect wireless/ wifi network name.

Roku Device Error Code 014.20/ 014.30/ 014.50:

User needs to restart the Roku TV and router .

Roku Device Error Code 014.40 or 014.41:

Its due to entering wrong password of Wi-Fi/wireless , user receive this error.

Roku Device Error Code 016:

user needs to set up a new Wi-Fi/wireless connection, when user receive this error code.

Roku Device Error Code 017:

user can fix this error by putting user router to a interference-free and neat place.